The Anatomy Of Awakening Training

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INTRODUCING: Pranayama Directives For The Advancement  Of Human Sciences
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A Simple, Straight Forward Program rooted in Vedanta that provides practicum for personal growth and equips  applicants with the foremost powerful, yet gentle modalities known to support others to empower and engage in internal healing, self realization and awakening processes.

You Are One Training Program Away From Taking “The Guesswork Out Of Self-Realization.”

Over the past decade, the Breath Center has been widely acknowledged for seamlessly merging the original traditions of Eastern Yogic Pranayam and Western Physiology with South American Entheogenics, Harmonic Frequency and Cosmic, Spiritual Sciences.
In review of the “best known” methods in “modern day” North America, many are complex in their patterns, require extended durations of labored, “active practice” and even promote “intermittent hypoxia”.  Any course work that bypasses the history, origins, highest and best practices, morals and ethical code of conduct should be carefully reviewed prior to enrollment.
The Breath Centers’ extensive curriculum combines simplified and easy to comprehend Physiology, Yogic Theory, Peruvian, Brazilian, Siberian and Columbian Shamanism, Dharma, Native American Practices and  diverse perspectives on esoteric human sciences which guide applicants towards personal resolve concluding with the exploration of humanities true history and the origins of energetic arts.
It has been often reflected that one experience with The Breath Center can bring about powerful transformation.
The Breath Centers “Anatomy of Awakening” program is a comprehensive series of modules that tap directly into “The Fountain of Youth” and encompass elements which begin with “developing a refined craft” through “inner focus on physical, emotional and spiritual fine tuning” and conclude in constructing a sustainable practice with continued support from within a tenured “Think Tank” affiliation.

Save $1145 when you sign up for Modules I-V together! 

Modules I-V Package include one 90 minute session with Michael.

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