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April 10th, 2024

12:00pm-3:00pm CST

Georgetown, Texas

Awakening to the reality of the subtle body

3-hour Introduction to Origin Sciences of “Breathwork”

Take the next step, and join us for a restorative mini retreat designed to integrate, and strengthen the balance of practices cultivated over our weekend together.

The core of our connection supports an environment rich in generosity, support, service, and devotion.

Where self-exploration leads to mind, body, spirit connection following the creative force is then revealed within the human form.

Imagine being gifted the same unfathomable peace that only those Holy, Sainted, and/or renounced of the material world have yet occupied.

Is there a possibility that one might become intimate with what has long been sought after and known in the Ancient Eastern Traditions as Samadhi?


We live in a world guided by contrast, trial and error, challenges, and triumphs. The contrast to resistance is liberation, peace, cooperation, and harmony.

Feel into resistance. Transmute it into the energy to explore…

Stretching your creative edges without burnout or fatigue


Creating clear and confident resolve

The compass guiding through life's uncertainties, illuminating the path with clarity and assurance. With resolve as your ally, you stride forth with purpose, undeterred by obstacles, and unwavering in your pursuits. This steadfastness breeds confidence, empowering you to conquer challenges, embrace opportunities, and ultimately sculpt a life of fulfillment and success. In the pursuit of such resolve lies the key to unlocking the boundless potential within oneself.

Engaging inner intelligence by directing awareness to a single pointed focus


Activating conscious awareness in a progressive innovative fashion

The Vedic Science of Spiritual Liberation

The 6th Method of Awakening

Initiation into the calling forward of Vital Force -Prana (Life Force Energy)

Integration of “Supernatural” and “Soul Awakening” experiences

Developing a simple home practice that has the power to shape the future and guide one towards their highest potential


Cultivate Discipline and Mindfulness

Through home practice, we uncover hidden strengths, passions, and aligning our actions with our true selves. Your home is like a sanctuary, amidst daily chaos, we nurture the seeds of our future selves with intention and love.


“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us.

Between the two stands Resistance.”

― Steven Pressfield

This Immersion will include the above explorative research, active respiratory meditations, and integration.

Whether you are new to studies, and writings related to the expansion of conscious awareness or you have tenure as a therapist or arts practitioner, the information, and applications shared selflessly in this immersion are truly priceless.
The combination of gentle, humor based guidance, sound therapy, and refined ritual enriched methods shared in each group open the majority of attendees into completely new, fresh mindsets, reframing the way one thinks, and responds to daily challenges and physical discomfort.

This is not only an extended deepening experience with Michael Brian Baker, but also a glimpse into “The Anatomy of Awakening” Certification Program.

  • Join

  • Participate, respect the space and cultivate new

  • Enjoy the new you, feel better and reap the results

  • JOIN and participate

  • Share your transformation insights with us

  • Get a prize



As the foremost distinguished, and tenured Vedanta based pranayama and healing arts training organization in the U.S, The Breath Center focuses on seamlessly blending Eastern and Western Preventative Disease Practices in an unpretentious manner that combine many important knowledge based systems not readily accessed by modern day society.

These gatherings accommodate individuals from a diverse spectrum of backgrounds and belief systems within a container where they are met at the precise level they require to begin to comprehend the benefits of concentrated internal focus.

In under 90 minutes, a rare opportunity presents itself to experience a wide array of emotion, and new found creativity utilizing ancient Eastern philosophies and technologies designated to ignite the process of awakening.

Please arrive 15 minutes early - No experience Necessary - All backgrounds and belief systems welcome!

Children, and those under the influence of prescription, recreational, pharmaceutical drugs, and or other chemical compounds are NOT recommended to attend this program.