Into the Moment with Michael Brian Baker A Documentary by Eric Long

No matter what we choose to do with our lives we always have the opportunity to be happy. It is not the path but the approach. By pursuing happiness in our lives and overcoming the challenges that arise in doing the things which we truly love to do, the opportunity arises for motivation, growth, and a deeply rooted sense of satisfaction in our lives.

By reaching a state of flow, or a total immersion in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of an activity, we enhance the quality of our day to day vitality. It’s not always easy to work through the challenges that inherently arise through the things that we love, but when we stay on course, we’re left feeling a sense of joy and satisfaction.

Into the Moment examines a series of individuals including musicians, writers, dancers, skiers, fire spinners, religious practitioners, and scientists and asks each what it means to be in the process of whatever truly makes them happy. At the end of the day, it is the people we surround ourselves with, and the pursuit of happiness through the perseverance of challenge which leads to satisfaction.

The Breath Center with Michael Brian Baker

The Breath Center is a highly visible, transformational organization dedicated to the increased conscious productivity of top-level professionals through facilitation, education, and practice of respiratory therapies known as “Breathwork”. Utilized by some of the world’s most successful and innovative industry leaders throughout the ages in many different cultures and wisdom traditions it is now a mainstream practice for up-leveling of intelligence, healing and awareness.

The Breath Center Retreat

The Remembering: Love. Pray. Eat. Retreat will give you the space and tools necessary to quiet the mind to connect with your inner voice. Tap into this quiet wisdom found in your heart to find clarity in your life, passion in your relationships or rediscover your individual genius.

Let go of your limiting beliefs as you experience the ultimate personal transformation. Escape from the hustle of daily life and the messaging from the outside world that clutters the mind- creating confusion, stress, poor health, depression and lack of inspiration.