Terms & Agreements with Michael Brian Baker’s The Breath Center

The Breath Center strives to provide mutually beneficial opportunities by providing accessible experiences plans to the community. By making your payment, you agree to the following:

“I understand that my investment is non-refundable. Should the dates and location of this service change, or if unable to attend the service I have signed up for, the total amount for this event is considered valid and transferrable for any other trainings, events, or services provided by Michael Brian Baker’s The Breath Center for up to 12 months after initial payment.

If I am unable to make payments for a payment plan on the scheduled date(s), I agree to a $50 fee per month my payment is late. I understand that this in place for the purpose of maintaining my agreement of a payment plan for services rendered. I understand that this payment is binding and that The Breath Center is not a financial institution or loan agency.”

If you confirm for a date and need to reschedule, we allow for 1 cancellation/reschedule free of charge, and any additional rescheduling at a $50 fee. If The Breath Center needs to reschedule training due to emergency, you will not be charged for these changes, and will be notified immediately. The Breath Center does not offer refunds, however if you are unable to attend the training paid for, your amount paid is considered valid and redeemable towards any other events, gatherings, & services provided by Michael Brian Baker’s The Breath Center for one year post payment.