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We hear you and are now answering your request…
Are you a creative? Do you consider yourself a “New Thought Leader”?
Join “The Breath Center Think Tank” Business Development Group
The Breath Center Think Tank is a Partnership Program designed for Arts Practitioners focused on creating sustainable businesses which offer products and services focused on Healing.
We will gather online in a group format and one on one to ensure accountability and adherence to self care and commitment.
These offerings are offered exclusively to those serious about serving others while growing their businesses.
With equal parts strategy and accountability, proper mindset and continued support, this program supports your growth as a founder/practitioner, holds you accountable to doing the hard things and ensures you waste little time for the effort you place in your Arts endeavor.
Monthly the think tank will brainstorm problems & solutions, set goals and commit to completing 3 tasks reciprocal to the effort expended prior to when we meet again.
The result?
Focus, confidence and more deposits
We will break the cycle of concerning ourselves with the things we can’t control and spend more time in your zone of personal genius.
Get clear on what you want in life and how to scale business that will support you.
Create new business, growth or monetization plan for your new business.
Identify your target audience, refine your messaging & build a workable plan.
Define and design your website & marketing funnels.
Plan and build a sales and marketing funnel for your info product, consulting service or online business.
Develop a brand, refine you’re messaging and plan your execution.
Product Management
Social Media
Public Relations
Growth Hacking
Funnel Building
Lead generation
Direct Sales
Going Online
Credit, Partnerships & Finances
If it has been done before, and it has, there is no reason you cannot build a sustainable business that will “equal in balance between effort and revenue” and the best part about it is, while your getting your finances straight, your supporting your own healing process while healing others.
$75 per month
Admission will be closed Monday October 14th at 10pm.
Membership Details:
Enrollment will close Monday October 14th at 10pm, so please complete your first payment by then to confirm your registration.
Meetings will be held online at 7pm PST on the third Thursday of every month, starting October 17th.
These interactive meetings will be led by Michael Brian Baker, and will not be recorded. You will work 1 on 1 with another graduate in the time between meetings to complete goals, and be part of a private Facebook Think Tank Group where our team will follow up with additional support.
After enrolling in this membership and completing your first payment, you will be automatically charged $75 once monthly on the 10th of every month, beginning November 14th 2019 on the card used for your enrollment payment. If you would like to cancel, please let us know 30 days prior so that we can make adjustments within the groups and 1 on 1 partners. If you need to change or update your card, please let us know 48 hours prior to the scheduled payment.


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