Better Sleep & the Vagus Nerve: 3 Hour Breath Immersion



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**Pre-Recorded 5.23.20, 3 Hour Immersion**

What would your life look like if you got the quality sleep you need, and your nervous system was able to reset more deeply? And how do you get there?

The core of this program is based in the foundation of generosity, service and devotion. It is where self-exploration leads to mind, body, spirit connection.

Imagine – being gifted the same unfathomable peace that only those Holy, Sainted and or renounced of the material world have reached. Is there a possibility that one might become intimate with what has been long sought after and known in the Ancient Eastern Traditions as Samadhi?

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.”
― Steven Pressfield

This Immersion, led by Michael Brian Baker, will include a guided active breathing meditation, integration, the below explorative research:

  • The Importance of Sleep for Immune Function, Memory, & more
  • Parasympathetic System, aka “Rest & Digest” System
  • The Vagus Nerve – Largest cranial nerve which carries signals between the brain and most of the internal organs
  • Breath Techniques to Lower Stress, Increase Cognition, & Create Better Overall Health
  • Initiation to the path of Vital Force -Prana (Life Force Energy)
  • Developing a simple home practice that has the power to shape the future and guide one towards better rest, relaxation, motivation, and sense of well-being.

Open to individuals of all levels and belief systems, no experience required.

Facilitated by: Michael Brian Baker, founder of The Breath Center

Whether you are new to studies and writings related to the expansion of conscious awareness or you have tenure as a therapist or arts practitioner, the information and applications shared selflessly in this immersion are truly priceless.

This workshop is designed to provide tools and information for participants to improve their quality of sleep and attain deeper levels of relaxation and emotional well-being. Increase your passion and motivation for life, feel more connected to yourself and others, and have fun learning and evolving in the process!

The combination of gentle, humor-based guidance, sound therapy and refined ritual enriched methods shared in each group open the majority of attendees into completely new, fresh mindsets, reframing the way one thinks and responds to daily challenges and physical discomfort.

This is not only an extended deepening experience with Michael Brian Baker, but also a glimpse into “The Anatomy of Awakening” Certification Program.

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