Online Training (Grads Only)

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Modules I-V Online Training

Review for Grads Only

(Save $100 per module when you review online)

Choose the number of Online Modules you would like to review. Review for online modules is $100 per Module. You may register here to attend/review any of the Modules you have already attended. See below for details & payment plan extensions.


Product Description

Review Modules Online!

  • Integrate the information you learned at in-person training
  • Refresh on ideas, concepts, and teachings
  • Learn new elements that have been added in the evolution of the work
  • Renew inspiration around your own practice and offerings
  • Go deeper into topics that were new to you the first time around
  • Have access to study material that is on the Certification Exam!

After purchasing your review, your access is not limited – you may watch the videos at any time per your leisure. Please do not share access to the videos with anyone else, including other graduates, without written permission of The Breath Center Admin. You may attend any of the trainings which you have paid for while they are being aired live, and/or review them at a later date.

Pre-Recordings (As of 2.6.20):

Module I: Available immediately for review (5 videos x 2 hr each)

Module II: Available immediately for review (5 videos x 2 hr each)

Module III: Available for review 24 hours post air date, beginning 2.10.20

Module IV: Available for review 24 hours post air date, beginning 3.9.20

Module V: Available for review 24 hours post air date, beginning 3.23.20


LIVE Air Dates (As of 2.6.20):

Modules III & IV Online are a 6 day online training per each module, 2 hours per day. Module V Online is a 3 day training, 2 hours per day. Training will be facilitated live with Michael Brian Baker via the zoom platform during scheduled hours. Dates are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and will air live online starting at 5pm PST and ending at 7pm PST.

Recordings for Modules III-V Online will be available 24 hours post original air date for review for those who are unable to attend live, and for those who will be reviewing these Modules at a later date.

Module III

Feb 10th, 12th, 14th, &

Feb 17th, 19th, 21st


Module IV LIVE

March 9th, 11th, 13th, &

March 16th, 18th, 20th


Module V LIVE:

March 23rd, 25th, 27th

Payment Plan Extension:

If you are currently on a payment plan, and would like to extend your payment plan to include review of online module(s), please go HERE.


First Time Attendees:

If you have not attended Modules listed here and would like to access them online, please go HERE

If you are currently making payments on a Payment Plan for any of the Modules listed here, and would like to attend your next Module(s) of training online instead of in person, you do NOT need to make an extra payment. Please contact us at 309-256-4238 // to confirm.

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Note: The Breath Center is a grass roots educational, experiential organization founded in selfless service and exchange based on equal reciprocity. Refunds are not given for any reasons other than natural disaster, sudden illness or untimely transition. Admissions to coursework and or gatherings are not goods that can be restocked for future sale, therefore confirmed and paid admissions can be exchanged for future events, admissions or trainings but never placed on The Breath Center as an expectation of remuneration by their managers, acting partners or sponsors. Take into careful consideration your availability, travel time, lodging and all personal commitments prior to completing payments as all sales are final. If you are unable to attend the training paid for, completed tuition is considered valid and redeemable towards any other trainings, events, gatherings, & sessions provided by Michael Brian Baker’s The Breath Center for one year post payment. If you confirm for a date and need to reschedule, we allow for 1 reschedule free of charge, and any additional rescheduling at a $50 fee. The Breath Center reserves the rights to reschedule/change location of training due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case, attendees will not be charged for these changes, and will be notified immediately. The Breath Center reserves the right to adjust curriculum, topics, and subjects reviewed in any gathering. All material shared in training is considered intellectual property of The Breath Center, and may not be copied, shared, or reproduced without prior permission by administration except for small excerpts for the purpose of testimonial or review. The Breath Center reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and to discontinue curriculum and return funds. Training Certification based on The Breath Center’s approval of a students’ complete understanding and compliance with highest & best standards, morals, and ethics of this practice. 




In-Person Review for Grads:

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2016-2018 Grads


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