Anatomy of Awakening Modules I-V

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INTRODUCING: Pranayama Training For The Advancement  Of Human Sciences
Attendees have 12 months to complete online or livestream courses.
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A Simple, Straight Forward Program rooted in Yogic Vedanta. Including extensive practicum for personal growth and the foremost powerful, yet gentle modalities to empower internal healing, self realization and awakening.

Over the past decade, the Breath Center has been widely acknowledged for seamlessly merging the original traditions of Eastern Yogic Pranayama and Western Physiology with South American Entheogenics, Harmonic Frequency and Cosmic, Spiritual Sciences.

The core of this program is the preservation of ancient lineage teachings, first hand exploration and practicum, current scientific research that supports mystical experiences, safety guidelines for sharing any transformational work with honor and integrity, and personal healing to make a better world for future generations to inherit.

The Breath Centers’ extensive curriculum combines simplified and easy to comprehend Physiology, Yogic Theory, Peruvian, Brazilian, Siberian and Columbian Shamanism, Dharma, Native American Practices and  diverse perspectives on esoteric human sciences which guide applicants towards personal resolve concluding with the exploration of humanities true history and the origins of energetic arts.

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This purchase is valid for pre-recorded or livestream Anatomy of Awakening Training Modules I-V offered by The Breath Center, and includes online support groups, 1:1 support from Michael Brian Baker & The Breath Center Team, and post-training mentorship. Email with any questions!


Explore Module I ONLY>>


The Anatomy of Awakening Module I, taught by Michael Brian Baker, is open to those interested and passionate about personal growth such as life coaches, yoga teachers, massage/physical therapists, counselors, entrepreneurs, athletes, medical doctors, alternative health practitioners, artists, business leaders, everyday people who seek to improve their physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual health, those who wish to begin to immerse themselves in the art of pranayama facilitation, and successful “Arts Practitioners” who wish to add this modality to their repertoire. Note: Module I is part of the comprehensive training program known as The Anatomy of Awakening. Modules are no longer offered on an individual training schedule.

This is an introduction to the history and highest and best practices of the origin and facilitation of “breathwork”.

Topics Include:

  • Physiology of the Breath, Lungs, & Pulmonary Function
  • Yoga’s Mystical and Transformational Beginnings
  • Western “Breathwork” Practices
  • Vedic History of Pranayama Practices
  • Guided Practice of 9+ Breathing Techniques
  • Therapeutic Mental & Physical Health Benefits of Pranayama
  • A Multicultural Introduction to Prana, Qi, or “life force” and its function
  • Education of Kumbhaka (Retention), Intermittent Hypoxia, and Hyperventilation
  • How to Best Assist Different Body Types from a Medical & Ayurvedic Perspective
  • Feelings & Sensations that you or your clients may experience
  • Learning about Tetany: What, Why, & How
  • “Nadi’s” (Energy Channels) and How they are Effected by Breath
  • Socratic Communication to Improve Deeper Inquiry & Prepare Client for their Practice
  • Samadhi – Highest States of Union that can be Achieved through this practice
  • Formula for Aiding Yourself & Others to Reap Mental, Emotional, & Physical Benefits
  • Highest Standards, Safety, Morals, & Ethics of “Breathwork”/Pranayama
  • Tools to Understand and Breakthrough Creative Blockages
  • Developing a Personal Home Practice
  • Hands on Introduction to Working with Others 1 on 1
  • Personal Transformation

Anatomy of Awakening Training is for beginners and experienced participants, who know we are always beginners. Attendees will leave with a solid foundation for creating a professional practice based on service, humility and responsible daily activity. Graduates will have the hands on experience, knowledge of highest & best practices, and tools to begin sharing breathwork in one on one settings.


Explore Module II ONLY>>

Module II focuses on the individual’s journey, working with others, and implementation of intuition & awareness, and serves to further unwind the layers of consciousness for personal liberation and the medicine for facilitating clarity in working with others. Note: Module II is part of the comprehensive training program known as The Anatomy of Awakening. Modules are no longer offered on an individual training schedule.

Module II Topics Include:

  • Beginning to Advanced Intuitive Practices
  • Tracking Disease Through Lineage
  • Communication through Body Languaging
  • Root Causes of Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, & Physical Disease
  • 10 Methods of Awakening as Taught by Swami Satyananda
  • Proper Space Holding for Healing in the Pranic State
  • Somatic Awareness
  • Jyotish Transits
  • Planetary Influence
  • Introduction to Human Design
  • Advanced 1 on 1 work
  • Mysticism, Science & Yogic Theory
  • Exploration of the Healthy Embodiment of Personal Power
  • The Path of the Healer
  • Development of Personal Offering
  • Self Exploration for Sharing Heart Based Services Sustainably
  • Becoming Coaches of Consciousness
  • Introduction into South American Teachings, the Medicine Wheel, & Shamanism


Explore Module III ONLY>>

The Anatomy of Awakening Module III Training is an advanced training for those practitioners who have been prepared and are equipped to receive the sometimes difficult to assimilate information on the origins of humanity and the contrasting energetics at the root of disease. Active “one on one” work will play a part in this training. Note: Module III is part of the comprehensive training program known as The Anatomy of Awakening. Modules are no longer offered on an individual training schedule.

  • The Topic of all Topics
  • Origins of Humanity & Religions
  • Implementation of the Earth Practices
  • Balinese Space Clearing
  • Introductory and Intermediate Shamanic Practices
  • Life After the “Red Pill”
  • The military industrial complex
  • Origins of Humanity
  • A right way to live
  • Alkalinity Vs Acidity
  • Cause & Effect: Sense Influencers
  • Depression and Distraction
  • Parasitic entities and the Inter-Dimensional Matrices
  • Spiritual bypassing
  • The Time of Great Transformation
  • Introduction to Working with Groups


Explore Module IV ONLY>>

After the shift of acceptance revolving around humanities origins has begun to integrate, the individuation can then begin to with some skill traverse the complex layers of extraordinary perception and within inter dimensional matrices. Skilled and well groomed practitioners begin in the realm of deep gravity before beginning to function on the etheric.

Just as within the practicum designed to inform on the micro level of facilitation, an organic process must be adhered to in order to become truly proficient in the macro or group. Module IV is comprised of complex oral traditions which include group dynamics and how to co-create profound intimacy in well attended settings. Note: Module IV is part of the comprehensive training program known as The Anatomy of Awakening. Modules are no longer offered on an individual training schedule.

  • Advanced Pranic Clearing & Working with Energy Centers
  • Attachments, Their Origins and Removal
  • Utilizing the Web of Consciousness
  • Advanced Release Techniques
  • The Medicine Way
  • Earth Ritual
  • Protective Boundary Initiation
  • A Tale of Tapasya: Proper Preparation for Awakening
  • The Art of Space Holding
  • Facilitators Guide to Dissolve Expectation
  • How to Stay on Track in the Work
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Song Circles
  • Music & Frequency Orchestration for Breath Sessions
  • Working with Plant Medicines
  • Languaging, Diagnostics, Phrasing, Slingshot of Silence, Supporting the Process of Realization
  • Interpreting Intuitive Messaging
  • Affirming Co-Created Goals
  • Convenience and It’s Consequences
  • Advanced Group Dynamics & Management
  • Defining Guardianship
  • Navigating the Pranic Field & Energetic Vacuums


Module V

Learning a craft takes time, patience and perseverance. Building a business takes careful planning, action, review and willingness to adjust and fine-tune to ensure growth and tenure. Now that the advanced level healing curriculum has been shared, you are well equipped to begin your journey serving others and groups. You have learned the skill of guardianship and can create all of the social contacts you require to build sustainable revenue and rest assured an educated decision has been made to offer and continue to refine your craft.

The next steps to sustainability require courage, determination and a ceaseless focus on realistic, reachable goals. Most “successful” business people seek coaching or mentorship to define and realize gains in their field. The Breath Center has endured over 10 years of market growth, avoided many pitfalls and utilized a plethora of ever changing platforms to ensure growth and address challenges with solution based action. Everyone requires support. It does not need to be hard when we decide to include others to motivate and help keep us on track. Note: Module V is part of the comprehensive training program known as The Anatomy of Awakening. Modules are no longer offered on an individual training schedule.

Topics covered:

  • Business Formation
  • Insurance
  • Changing employers
  • Resuming the Resume
  • Scaling
  • Income Vs. Revenue potential
  • Building a “timeless” business brand
  • Data Mining
  • Grouping of offerings
  • Funnels
  • Partnerships
  • Marketing
  • Podcasts
  • Blogging
  • Video Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Non-Profit Donations
  • Transits Maha Dashas and Nakshatra Influencers
  • Financial Organization
  • Banking
  • Tithing
  • Leveraging Credit – The Fiat of FICO

Those who wish to use The Breath Center as a professional affiliate or attending for certification must have Modules I-V, completed & paid for in full, exam & approved review completed, and 20 facilitated sessions logged and reviewed. Those wishing to explore training for self reflection and discovery, may join training without need for certification.

What People have to say about Training:

“…Ground breaking! effortlessly takes us into the very ground of our own being. Hands down, the finest Pranayama Arts Educational System that I know of.”

“I have studied and been initiated into many spiritual practices and have never had such a complete soul awakening.”

“I feel as though I’ve been cleaned from the inside out, and most importantly, deeply thankful and excited for life.”

“I found that I had rediscovered the sensuality and beauty of my own existence.”

“This whole training was a reflection of myself and what I’ve been wanting on my life journey for years.”

“I feel like I found my home: The union of teachings, the place where all spiritual traditions, and science, come together.”

“I think if we all experience this, we would not have the problems that we have right now on the planet.”

“I had a total epiphany. I’ve always been a spiritually interested person, but as we went through the breathwork… I went deeper and deeper… Now I have an experience of my higher self that is concrete, its not nebulus, its something I have with me all the time.”

“I could see the transformation on everyone’s face, when you walk out, you’re very clear, you’re more loving, you’re more open.”

“I would say (Teacher Training) is about accelerating your own evolution as a conscious being, and I would say go for it! The whole experience is just so nurturing and life enhancing, and I’m looking forward to doing it again.”​​​​​​​

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