Module V Training


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Product Description

Module V Training

Learning a craft takes time, patience and perseverance. Building a business takes careful planning, action, review and willingness to adjust and fine-tune to ensure growth and tenure. Now that the advanced level lV healing curriculum has been shared, you are well equipped to begin your journey serving others and groups. You have learned the skill of guardian ship and can create all of the social contacts you require to build sustainable revenue and rest assured an educated decision has been made to offer and continue to refine your craft.

The next steps to sustainability require courage, determination and a ceaseless focus on realistic, reachable goals. Most “successful” business people seek coaching or mentorship to define and realize gains in their field. The Breath Center has endured over 10 years of market growth, avoided many pitfalls and utilized a plethora of ever changing platforms to ensure growth and address challenges with solution based action. Everyone requires support. It does not need to be hard when we decide to include others to motivate and help keep us on track.

As an additional resource to module V graduates, “The Breath Center Think Tank” is a private group held for the most serious practitioners, providing partnership, support, counsel and referrals to the most reliable and updated service providers and networks. It is a group that requires absolute accountability so that your investment in yourself and your clients yields the highest returns.

Those who commit will see exponential growth and gain tools that will last the lifetime of your practice. Begin to develop a dialogue with yourself about the true level of success you desire in the arts and know, the life of your dreams awaits you directly around the next corner.

With reverence,

Michael Brian Baker

Topics covered:

  • Business Formation
  • Insurance
  • Changing employers
  • Resuming the Resume
  • Scaling
  • Income Vs. Revenue potential
  • Building a “timeless” business brand
  • Data Mining
  • Grouping of offerings
  • Funnels
  • Partnerships
  • Marketing
  • Podcasts
  • Blogging
  • Video Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Non-Profit Donations
  • Transits Maha Dashas and Nakshatra Influencers
  • Financial Organization
  • Banking
  • Tithing
  • Leveraging Credit – The Fiat of FICO

Module V is only available for graduates of Module IV.

Please go to for current dates and location that this training will be offered. This purchase is valid for all in Module V Trainings offered by The Breath Center.


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