Module IV Training


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Product Description

Module IV Training

After the shift of acceptance revolving around humanities origins has begun to integrate, the individuation can then begin to with some skill traverse the complex layers of extraordinary perception and within inter dimensional matrices. Skilled and well groomed practitioners begin in the realm of deep gravity before beginning to function on the etheric.

Just as within the practicum designed to inform on the micro level of facilitation, an organic process must be adhered to in order to become truly proficient in the macro or group. Module IV is comprised of complex oral traditions which include group dynamics and how to co-create profound intimacy in well attended settings. It is strictly designed for Module III graduates who have undeniably defined that this path is theirs to traverse at any cost to serve the whole in a way that creates abundance and a sustainable Pranyama Healing Practice.

  • Advanced Pranic Clearing & Working with Energy Centers
  • Attachments, Their Origins and Removal
  • Utilizing the Web of Consciousness
  • Advanced Release Techniques
  • The Medicine Way
  • Earth Ritual
  • Protective Boundary Initiation
  • A Tale of Tapasya
  • The Art of Space Holding
  • Facilitators Guide to Dissolve Expectation
  • How to Stay on Track in the Work
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Song Circles
  • Advanced Sound Technologies
  • Languaging, Diagnostics, Phrasing, Slingshot of Silence, Supporting the Process of Realization
  • Interpreting Intuitive Messaging
  • Affirming Co-Created Goals
  • Convenience and It’s Consequences
  • Group Dynamics & Management
  • Defining Guardianship
  • Navigating the Pranic Field & Energetic Vacuums

This is a 2 day event, each day starting at 1030am and ending at 630pm with a lunch break midday.

Payment plans are available and flexible to meet your needs. Please contact or 309-256-4238 for custom plans and more information.

This purchase is valid for all in person and online Module IV Trainings offered by The Breath Center, including online trainings.


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