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Product Description

Module II

Module II is for Module I Graduates focused on their own journey, working with others, and implementation of intuition & awareness, and serves to further unwind the layers of consciousness for personal liberation and the medicine for facilitating clarity in working with others.

Module II Topics Include:

  • Beginning to Advanced Intuitive Practices
  • Tracking Disease Through Lineage
  • Communication through Body Languaging
  • Root Causes of Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, & Physical Disease
  • Proper Space Holding for Healing in the Pranic State
  • Somatic Awareness
  • Jyotish Transits
  • Elements of Human Design
  • Planetary Influence
  • Advanced 1 on 1 work
  • Mysticism, Science & Yogic Theory
  • Exploration of the Healthy Embodiment of Personal Power
  • The Path of the Healer
  • Development of Personal Offering
  • Self Exploration for Sharing Heart Based Services Sustainably
  • Implementation of the Earth Practices
  • Becoming Coaches of Consciousness
  • Introduction into South American Teachings, the Medicine Wheel, & Shamanism

Module I is a mandatory prerequisite to participate in Module II. Only those who complete this course will be approved for Module III.

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This is a 2 day event, each day starting at 1030am and ending at 630pm with a lunch break midday.

Payment plans are available and flexible to meet your needs, and can be found HERE. Please contact or 309-256-4238 for custom plans and more information.

Please go to for current dates and location that this training will be offered. This purchase is valid for all in person and online Module II Trainings offered by The Breath Center.


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