Just Ask CD (MP3 Download)


Tracks Included:

1. Aliento

2. Oração de Elias

3. Sob Asas Dos Avo


Product Description

After waiting a lifetime for a vehicle for expression…

For my soul, my son, all of my relatives and relations that haven’t had the opportunity or chance to and for those who suffer or are silenced in anyway.

I have been doing my work for close to 8 years now. I only began singing after being introduced to south american plant medicine.

People kept asking can I buy that song? You know the one you sang during the session?

I never thought about recording it.

I always just sang whatever came through without knowing what, where of why it did. I didn’t think much of it until I really started to get out of my own way and begin focusing on others.

To me it became the frequency of love and reassurance, a gate way to limitless possibilities and emotional intelligence.

My first attempt at recording what comes through in session is dedicated to you. To all of those who encouraged me by asking if the music was available.

The work is entitled “Just Ask” A Prayer for Humility.

Find a comfortable space, Listen through headphones, relax the mind and open your heart…

Much will be revealed…


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