**In Person Special** Deposit: Modules I-V Payment Plan

$250.00 $150.00


Product Description

Payment Plan Agreement


with The Breath Center

The Breath Center strives to provide mutually beneficial opportunities for those interested in serving others by providing payment plans to meet each individual’s needs. This payment has been set by you, and the following information is to ensure that the agreement you’ve made for yourself is adhered to with character, integrity, and honoring yourself & this work.

By choosing your deposit below, you agree that the card you provide will be charged once monthly or as otherwise agreed to until the balance of the training has been paid in full, and agree that to the following:

“I understand that my investment is non-refundable. Should the dates and location of this event change, or if unable to attend the training I have signed up for, my total agreed payment is considered valid and transferrable for any other trainings, events, or services provided by Michael Brian Baker’s The Breath Center for up to one year after initial payment. If I am unable to make the payments on the scheduled date(s), I agree to a $50 fee per month my payment is late. I understand that this in place for the purpose of maintaining my agreement of a payment plan for services rendered. I understand that this payment plan is binding and that The Breath Center is not a financial institution or loan agency.

After my first installment has been made, I am committed to completing the agreed upon dates and payments with the understanding that a Payment Plan cannot be cancelled, transferred to another attendee, defaulted upon. If I am able to make payments sooner than my agreed payment dates, I will inform The Breath Center Team, and my plan will be adjusted to reflect the difference. If my billing or card number changes over the duration of this payment plan, I will contact The Breath Center to update them immediately.”

Regular MI-V Package Tuition: $4345

Module I Module II Module III Module IV Module V 1 on 1 Session
$699 $799 $899 $999 $699




($1195 Savings)

Module I Module II Module III Module IV Module V 1 on 1 Session
$600 $700 $800 $800 $250


Minimum Deposit for all “IN PERSON” Payment Plans is $150. Regular Deposit for all Payment Plans is $250. Minimum Monthly Payments for all “IN PERSON” Payment Plans are $150. These discounts are only available for in person offers and will not be extended beyond 2.7.20. Attendees may choose any combination of trainings and choose to attend whichever dates/locations they prefer over the next 12 months. Certification will only be given to those who have attended Modules I-V in person, and completed payments, exams, practicum, and undergone a review with Michael. Training may be attended by those with the intention of self-discovery without need for certification. Modules I-V Package includes 1 free 90 minute session with Michael, a $250 value. This free session may be redeemed once 60% of MI-V Payment Plan has been completed.


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