Entheos, Drugs, & the Proper Use of Power: 3 Hour Immersion



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**Pre-Recorded 6.27.20, 3 Hour Immersion**

How does one make educated decisions before diving into shadow work, Eastern Philosophy, or Shamanic Practices? How does one truly prepare the mind, body, spirit before this type of work? What happens if one is not prepared, and what is the impact of the work itself? What is the archetype of the Shaman: Friend or Foe?

An exploration into the rising popularity of plant medicines, their master species and the importance of preparation vs. integration. Discussion topics include research on ancient healing philosophies such as the ingesting of sacramental “medicines” to inspire the search for “entheos” or “the GOD within.”

“Life lived in the absence of the psychedelic experience that primordial shamanism is based on is life trivialized, life denied, life enslaved to the ego.” TERENCE MCKENNA

This Immersion, led by Michael Brian Baker, will include a guided active breathing meditation, integration, the below explorative research:

  • Develop understanding of the Rapéh (pronounced Hap-eh), Ayahuasca, Kambo, Iboga etc. cultures
  • Research Master Plants of the Amazon, their benefits and contradictions
  • Discover the true intentions behind botanical research and pharmaceutical distortion of organic remedy
  • Find authentic exposure to the language of plants rooted and translated from indigenous cultures
  • Connect the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western perspectives on divine spiritual awakening
  • Explore Addiction and Recovery vs. Relapse Co-opting Treatment
  • Learn a simple “respiratory” home practice to facilitate clearing distraction from active, “heart-centered” connection
  • Find meaning in life, in a way, “custom tailored” to your personal desire

Open to individuals of all levels and belief systems, no experience required.

Facilitated by: Michael Brian Baker, founder of The Breath Center

Whether you are new to studies and writings related to the expansion of conscious awareness or you have tenure as a therapist or arts practitioner, the information and applications shared selflessly in this immersion are truly priceless.

The combination of gentle, humor-based guidance, sound therapy and refined ritual enriched methods shared in each group open the majority of attendees into completely new, fresh mindsets, reframing the way one thinks and responds to daily challenges and physical discomfort.

This is not only an extended deepening experience with Michael Brian Baker, but also a glimpse into “The Anatomy of Awakening” Certification Program.

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