Bastyr University Respiratory Therapeutics Training Seminar with Michael Brian Baker


Although the foundations of naturopathic medicine stimulate the vital force using simple, basic approaches, including sleep, water, exercise, the importance of proper breathing can be all too easily overlooked. 

The principle of “breathwork” involves breathing in a specific rhythmic manner to alter the physiology of the body and parasympathetic nervous system and change a patient’s state of awareness, thereby facilitating healing and often yielding transformative states.  This is a “next level” approach beyond simply breathing properly – it is a therapeutically facilitated way of breathing.

This video was recorded July 21 2016 and includes the following topics, presented by Michael Brian Baker at Bastyr Naturopathic University:

  • Basic principles of breathwork:
    • review of the scientific research 
    • historic development – how breathwork has become an established therapy in US
    • clinical effectiveness – case studies of transformation including depression, anxiety, addictions, stress reduction, and anger management
  • how to integrate breathwork into your naturopathic treatments and as a future practitioner
  • An experiential demonstration of breathwork therapy


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