22 Minute Practice Sexual Creativity Breath Work Practice with Michael Brian Baker –


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Product Description

The Breath Center is here to support your spiritual life and creative practices. We have created these powerful MP3 audio downloads for you to do at home: This 22 minute practice will support mental, physical, emotional and spiritual realignment for:

  • Writers block
  • Lethargy
  • Addiction
  • Intimacy issues
  • Impotence,
  • Frigidity
  • Infertility

A message from Michael Brian Baker, founder of The Breath Center:

I have created this recording for you because our sexual energies are consistently triggered in a clumsy unconscious manner. Fueled by media, past programing, the desire or need to be acknowledged and the innate and organic, human drive to reproduce, the source of our ability to love unconditionally can become depleted and compromised. While there is no shame or guilt around healthy sexual expression, the question does arise as to how the energy that is generated by your Sacral Chakra gets best utilized?

The Sacral Chakra fuels and governs our sexuality, self esteem, creativity, pleasures and frustrations. This center is the generating force behind life lessons involving creativity, manifesting, money and prosperity. It also reflects sexuality, guilt, shame and is the base for our general sense of morality. The very same energies that are used to procreate are also used to create.

Whether it be music, dance, poetry, painting, drawing, acting, ceramics or writing, anything we create is a in direct reflection and a mirror of “The Creator”. Clearing the Sacral Chakra creates inspiration which by in turn presences us into a place of “inner-spirit” or the spirit within.

Please remember to return to your normal gentle breath pattern after I have requested that you “Fall Away” so that you can open up to rejuvenate and receive the blessing from all of the work you have accomplished! Make this meditation a focus for better health and a stronger sense of well being by practicing it with intention before creating and or once in the morning upon waking and once at night before sleep.


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