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One on One Session with Michael Brian Baker

January 1, 2018 @ 12:00 am - December 31, 2022 @ 9:00 am PST



All Sessions and Arts Practices are available in person in Ojai CA or via ONLINE PLATFORM.

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Please contact us at jacquesaudri@gmail.com to schedule your appointment.

About Breathwork

We breathe every moment with very little awareness.
The breath is literally our lifeline to existence.
When the breath is arrested, life as we know it, on the gross, material plain, comes to an end.

When we increase our awareness around our breath we increase our connection to life, universal energy flow and G-d head intelligence.

The basic practice of working with the breath is rumored to be over 40,000 years old. There are thousands of sequences involving different holding patterns, separated by timed inhalations and exhalations. Each and every method opens portholes to varying levels of non-ordinary consciousness, mental and physical faculties.

Most familiar in the West perhaps are the Yogic Pranayams, which aid the physical, mental and subtle body for preventative disease control and or to prepare for meditation and Stanislav Grof’s Holotropic Breath Work, Leonard Orr’s Rebirthing, Vivation developed by Jim Leonard and many more variations of Yoga rebranded and labeled as discoveries made and developed by Western Practitioners .

The Breathwork you will experience here is not widely known of or taught in Yoga, Shamanism or as a portion of basic Spiritual Curriculum, but it should be.

Gentle Pranayam methods do not promote hyperventilation or re-traumatization.

The breath is a two-part exercise using only the mouth. There are two inhales. The first inhale is into the lower belly. The second inhale transfers the first from the belly into the upper chest which then is exhaled in full release. This practice is very powerful and need not be forced or practiced with any level of strain.

Humans are by and large ungrounded, functioning much of the time in their heads with little awareness and true connection to the body.

It is recommended that a regular Yoga practice or other vigorous exercise plan is paired with a plant-based diet and added to your Breathwork practice.

This way, the experience of journey into extra ordinary levels of consciousness will truly be embodied and bring about the full benefit of an integrated, healthy spiritual life experience.


About Your Practitioner

Michael Brian Baker is a student of compassion and humility and the founding member of The Breath Center. He travels extensively facilitating groups and individuals in the realization of self-mastery through somatic release, breathwork, and natural plant-based detox.  Michael’s extensive experience as a keynote speaker representing the conscious and healing arts communities has built his well deserved reputation for restoring profound hope and intimacy in large group settings. He supports people in their own growth, freedom, and discovery of the bodies innate intelligence to heal from within.

Michael’s current home base as a teacher of the oral traditions and arts practitioner is in Ojai, California.

Private sessions facilitated by Michael are focused on the individual’s specific needs and on the teachings of the Vedanta, Human Design, The Gene Keys, Jyotish Transits, Sacred Geometry, Cleansing, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Plant Based Nutrition, Numerology, in conjunction with accurately diagnosed Western Medical Treatments. The foundation of the work is that most forms of addiction, disease, trauma, illness and pain are energetic and are symptoms of unaddressed issues that are often, through this practice, easily cleared.


A Note from Michael

When people ask me what I do, it can be tough to answer effectively. I care about the liberation and freedom of expression that has been dimmed by the arrested development of convenience and facade of loss or lack.

The Breath Center is leading the edge of the new paradigm of therapeutic breathwork to increased brain plasticity, function and capability .

The modalities that we are teaching and sharing are an antidote to that which is arresting the development of humanity during these critical times.

We care about people. We care about the earth. We are choosing not to exclude anything or anybody but to integrate all of that which is right in this world in a way that will allow the equal distribution of earth’s knowledge and resources across the globe.

Our investment is in the integration of each individual so that we can dissolve separation and come together with deep compassion and appreciation for one another’s unique backgrounds, gifts & experiences.

This work is between you and you. It is by no means me that heals you or anyone else.

Ultimately, it is each persons responsibility to investigate all possible modalities that expand physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

My role is to act as a mirror, reflecting only that which is true in each and every one of us, which is loving awareness and the desire to serve in a way that makes the greatest positive impact in the world.

This work is considered by me, to be the missing link in Western therapeutics processes.

In my first experience with this simple practice, I felt congestion, sorrow and pain leave my body. With almost no effort at all, the breath helped me release guilt, shame and judgment that I’d carried for years.
I was finally connected to the enormous well of truth and gentleness within.

The breath facilitated the realization that I wasn’t broken, I was whole.

This work is not about the doing. It is about the undoing.

When the time is right for you…I have your back!”



January 1, 2018 @ 12:00 am
December 31, 2022 @ 9:00 am
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