Creating real change in the world,

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Past Community Outreach Projects

Making Real Change

Feed People Outreach Program

Our mission at The Breath Center’s Feed People Outreach Program is to eradicate hunger and restore empowerment and confidence in our community through the practice of social service through selfless action.

Palliative Care Program

The Breath Center Palliative and Hospice Care program offers free service and treatment for those who are suffering from terminal illness and or are in the process of transition.

Prison Outreach Program

The Breath Center serves the prison population by providing group workshops, one on one, non denominational spiritual counsel, education and service-based programs including breathwork and respiratory therapies that initiate somatic emotional release, increase brain plasticity, oxygenate the blood and increase circulatory system function.

Help us Change the World for the Better, and Receive the CD "Just Ask" as our thank you gift!

Somewhere deep inside we know there is a better way. Those who resonate with this desire will now shift their support of corporate greed and the main stream media into something that is lasting and heart focused.

Something that supports healing. Help us accelerate the awakening of humanity as there is no more time to waste. Our focus must be turned towards leaving a legacy worth inheriting by our children and future generations.
Any amount will do! Give from the heart and with love and watch our garden grow.
God bless you, may it return to you 108 fold!