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Frozen With Fear

Sometimes Change is Downright Frightening


Until it is not anymore…


It was nine years ago that I sat with a “true yogi” friend of mine who had agreed to launch my “breathwork” practice.


I had no idea how to share the profound gifts granted me by my teachers. My day job in the financial markets had crashed and I had just returned from a journey to India, which was planned to show me a new clear path for my life.


Within a few weeks of deep meditation, James returned to share that we would be launching a new school called “The Breath Center”. He had even encoded mantra into the HTML of the website to ensure a foundation of service and protection to those who would come for the experience and teachings.


At that time, even though I held a somewhat normal job, I never quite fit in at the office, bypassing sequential offers from co-workers to “grab a drink” or “blow off steam”.


Immersed deeply in yogic sadhana, all I could think about was God, Yoga, Meditation, Fasting, Pranayama and being in service to anyone that would allow me to be.


It had been five years since I had been gifted profound awakening with Ram Dass and all of my traumatic, victim programs had been erased.


I didn’t have clarity on much but I was absolutely sure I had two things. The first was a very deep and intimate relationship with my guru Neem Karoli Baba and second was whatever I was to do next, it had to be in service to man and womankind.


Over the past nine years I have been equally tested and blessed. In reflection, the people that have come to “the work” and those who have stood by my side in building awareness and support of what we do, have been nothing short of super natural.


I always say that super natural is first and foremost, natural, with an “energetic charge” that is higher than average. Lets just call these folks naturally super!

This month, I feel called to pay homage to those who have stayed close to the work; to those who have believed in a higher vision of world peace and communal living. Those who gave all they have and stay connected with us energetically as we move into the next phase of our development and maturity. I’m also planting seeds of abundance and expansion for all of those who “are yet to come”.


You have and will become my family and my partners on path and now I pass you the torch. While it feels very difficult for me to let go and empower others to step into their genius, I know the time is ripe for the blossoming of others full participation in the support of me and this healing movement.


Eventually the “me” will be removed from the equation but for now the lesson is that we must allow ourselves to be lifted in order to create the same opportunities for others.


The Breath Center has been infused with powerful creative energies that are supporting a new phase in the services and experiences coming your way in 2017!


What has become increasingly clear as this movement expands is that “the juice” in the work is held in the collective. When we come together to form conscious groups holding aligning intentions for the healing of the self and the world that surrounds us, LOVE floods the experience with reckless abandon.


I’m sharing with you now, if you have not yet experienced these groups and the simple power of yogic pranayama paired with conscious sound scape and shamanism, if your “on the fence”, I gift you now this opportunity to unlock your heart and join us for this rare and intimate celebration of “all that is right” in this world.


Humility above all else



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