“Only with compassion, acceptance, kindness, generosity, transparency, and authenticity will we create a sustainable future for those who will inherit this planet. Lets make sure that happens together.” ~Michael Brian Baker 

The Breath Center is a highly visible, transformational organization dedicated to the increased, conscious productivity of individuals and top-level professionals through education, facilitation and the practice of “Respiratory Therapies” utilized by some of the worlds most successful and innovative, industry leaders.

As need increases to sustain a continued competitive edge in our ever expanding market place, work environments and CEU programs provided for individuals must be designed ahead of their times in order to provide fertile soil for inspired new world ideals and accelerated emotional intelligence which initiates the fresh growth required to stay ahead of the competition.

The Breath Center assesses those needs, educates and creates immersions for everybody from individuals to corporations in order to accelerate their performance, creating new found balance in life management and an increase in compassionate leadership skills.

The Breath Center works with a diverse spectrum of the population, including veterans, medical doctors, alternative health practitioners, artists, those recovering from addiction,the terminally ill, and everyday people who seek to improve their physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual health.

Over the past decade The Breath Center has transformed the lives of thousands, shifting people into their highest potential at rates never seen before by Western Therapeutics, the over saturated “life coaching” market or any proven medical hypothesis that supports the evolution of humanity.

The Work

We Are Not Broken!

More often than not, the Western mind-set about the need for healing means that something is broken or irreparable, physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally. Our inner truth is that the human body has the innate ability to heal and that any any illness or dis-ease is a mere misalignment with our intention, thoughts, and actions.

What is Breathwork?

Your breath is an indication of your condition. So much so that the breath is used for diagnosis in several Eastern medical traditions that have been practiced as far back as 3000 BC. Fundamentally, we can change our condition by changing our breath, and this is a core principle of the science of yoga and breathwork.

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Michael Brian Baker

When people ask me what I do, it can be tough to answer effectively. I care about the liberation and freedom of expression that has been dimmed by the arrested development of convenience and facade of loss or lack.

The Breath Center is leading the edge of the new paradigm of therapeutic breathwork to increased brain plasticity, function and capability .

The modalities that we are teaching and sharing are an antidote to that which is arresting the development of humanity during these critical times.

We care about people. We care about the earth. We are choosing not to exclude anything or anybody but to integrate all of that which is right in this world in a way that will allow the equal distribution of earth’s knowledge and resources across the globe.

Our investment is in the integration of each individual so that we can dissolve separation and come together with deep compassion and appreciation for one another’s unique backgrounds, gifts & experiences.

This work is between you and you. It is by no means me that heals you or anyone else.

Ultimately, it is each persons responsibility to investigate all possible modalities that expand physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

My role is to act as a mirror, reflecting only that which is true in each and every one of us, which is loving awareness and the desire to serve in a way that makes the greatest positive impact in the world.

This work is considered by me, to be the missing link in Western therapeutics processes.

In my first experience with this simple practice, I felt congestion, sorrow and pain leave my body. With almost no effort at all, the breath helped me release guilt, shame and judgment that I’d carried for years.
I was finally connected to the enormous well of truth and gentleness within.

The breath facilitated the realization that I wasn’t broken, I was whole.

This work is not about the doing. It is about the undoing.

When the time is right for you…I have your back!”

Private sessions facilitated by Michael are focused on the individual’s specific needs and on the teachings of the Vedanta, Human Design, The Gene Keys, Jyotish Transits, Sacred Geometry, Cleansing, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Plant Based Nutrition, Numerology, in conjunction with accurately diagnosed Western Medical Treatments. The foundation of the work is that most forms of addiction, disease, trauma, illness and pain are energetic and are symptoms of unaddressed issues that are often, through this practice, easily cleared.

For more information about private sessions, classes, workshops and events with Michael, Click HERE NOW!

I thought I had a sense of what to expect in Michael’s private session and to some degree I did – I left feeling clean and light; free from all the junk that so often clutters my ever-busy mind. But the work did more than just that. It made my body come alive in ways I never knew were possible, made me travel to an ancient world that I forgot I had grown up in. At times it was unbearable, the discomfort of inhabiting the corners of myself I so often keep off-limits. But soon the discomfort subsided, and I found that I had rediscovered the sensuality and beauty of my own existence.

CM, Los Angeles

The breathing circle gives me an incredibly supportive and safe place to slow my thoughts, get into my body and find deep love within. While the collective power of the group is super palpable and strong, my private with Michael Baker blew me away. His incredible intuitive sense and encouragement on multiple levels allowed for a personalization that went directly to my core, pulling all the unwanted crap out, leaving me basking in infinite love and fulfillment.

Carrie, Los Angeles

More from Michael about the work…

There are many who have grown accustomed to fatigue and stress as a result of poor diet, emotional strife or a sedentary lifestyle. Too often we simply grow to accept this malaise or diminished vitality as natural and part of what it is to be living. For most of us breathing is nothing more than a reflex, and we fail to see how the length and depth of our inhalations and exhalations affect our health and state of mind. When we experience fear or anger we often hold our breath, limiting oxygen flow throughout our respiratory system, therefore restricting the support of our creative energy and well-being.

Intentional breath work increases vibration and energy flow in the body to such an amplified state, the prana or chi (“universal life force”) is accelerated throughout our meridian systems — clearing congestion, stagnant anxiety and past trauma.

The community agrees that a single session brings about a deep release both physically and emotionally, and that conscious breathing facilitates a profound sensation of wholeness. Individuals express tangible transformation in their bodies and express indescribable feelings of contentment and serenity.

I am honored and humbled to introduce this ground breaking work to the community.

Sessions are available for individuals, couples and families, as are workshops for groups fostering team building as well as a greater sense of trust and absolute connection.

~ Gratitude ~

I would like to thank my teachers, guides, and Great Spirit