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Love has everything to do with It

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Heart Hinarios Las Plantas Professors


When looking for a pre-owned car, the first priority is to see what condition the automobile is in. Is it well taken care of, the engine regularly maintained and the exterior clean and free of damage? Has the previous owner put some love into it?

Humanity can be accessed in the same way. When looking in the mirror, what kind of condition are we in? How’s our physical body holding up? Our heart full, head calm and spirit connected?

If the day to day is less than nourishing, could the collective be experiencing the same?  How is the Human Condition? Are we part of something larger? Is there more benefit in focusing on our similarities rather than our differences?

The world stage is littered with questionable content and messaging. If death came calling tomorrow, would the last moments of this life have been spent full and satisfied? More importantly, would there have been enough love?

High functioning individuals understand the importance of the body – brain connection and the wealth of renewable energy held within the chemistry of love. Knowledge nurtures some understanding of energy and focused energy controls matter. Therefore, it may be of some benefit to understand that “true love” creates and releases pheromones, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin and vasopressin all of which have “positive” stimulating affects.

In order to relate and create in a positive way, the energy of love, which can be accessed when practiced regularly, is one of the highest frequencies to begin stimulating positive change and improved condition within the human experience.

Why this may seem far out for some, tapping into the experience of agape or “unconditional love” is within our control. It does not require a partner or outside entity to be accelerated and is fertilized by gratitude.

When I look around, my life is full. I am nourished by my relationships and when times become challenging, I seize the opportunity for growth through humility, a precursor for wisdom.

​​​​​​​This season, The Breath Center will be offering a three-day immersive experience titled,

“Reflections 2017” Bringing Illusion to Truth – Together as One.

The experience supports participants in the exploration of the interchangeable lenses they choose to view the world around them. It is a safe container for the step by step questioning of ones own internal dialogue, gently suggesting “If you spot it, you most likely got it”.

If the collective begins to pull together to see things through compassionate and tolerant eyes, then we may be able to initiate the change we wish to see in our communities.

The experience is spread out over three consecutive days and looks like this:

Day One: The Deception of Perception
Join us as we utilize sacred pranayama
to explore individual experiences of
through which lenses we choose to mold our world views.

Day Two: The Unlimited Power of Projection
Imagine a world where the “individuation” forms an effortless
alliance with divinity. Fear and greed are now obsolete, tolerance and
compassion the highest held principals to ensure fertile soils for future generations..

Day Three: Reflections 2017
Anchored in the present, encouraged to simplify. What are we being shown?
Making room for the new. How granularly are we attached to the story?
What we see is what shall be. Lets gather to co-create something beautiful!

We will be sharing this program in Joshua Tree California in May and September this season with more dates to be added shortly.

If you have benefited from these gatherings please share this years opportunities with family and friends and we look forward to continuing this sacred work together.

Breath Work Therapy Effects on Physical Trauma

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In September 2014, following a large gathering in Joshua Tree California, a 32 year old Man approached me who suffered from a dog attack which severed nerves in his ankle and caused numbness and restricted him to limited physical activity.

Due to many distractions, I was unable to connect with this individual to receive his direct experience.

Sometime later in review of some testimonial footage, I recognized the same gentleman’s face and watched as he shared the story of his injury. 

6 years prior he had experienced an unprovoked dog attack that required multiple surgeries and long-term physical rehabilitation. He had lost most of the feeling in his lower extremity and was visibly emotional as he spoke of his attendance at two of the three-day series of breath work sessions, which were comprised of hundreds of festival attendees.

I watched with humility and gratitude as he spoke into the lens, sharing that all of the feeling in his foot, ankle and leg had been restored and that his physical rehabilitation had not yet been complete until he had experienced the “Accelerated Vital Force” restored to the injury.

As of late, it has been brought to my attention that the regaining of feeling in his foot and ankle could actually have been neural rather than physical and what I had thought to be perhaps revitalized scar tissue that had atrophied due to lack of circulation could have been related to the hemispheres in the brain that are responsible for “feeling” physical sensation.


Here is the video he sent…