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Nov 22, Community Breath Work in Ojai, Ca.

You alone can make a difference in the world right now!

An opportunity to put your money where your heart is!

Somewhere deep inside we know there is a better way. Those who resonate with this desire will now shift their support of corporate greed and the main stream media into something that is lasting and heart focused.

Something that supports healing. Help us accelerate the awakening of humanity as there is no more time to waste. Our focus must be turned towards leaving a legacy worth inheriting by our children and future generations.

Any amount will do! Give from the heart and with love and watch our garden grow.
God bless you, may it return to you 108 fold!

Healing Arts Services

Past Community Service Outreach Programs


"...A detox for the soul that left me happier and more free in my skin." - K. J.

"The logical mind can't explain it. I felt pulsating energy coming through his hands. I felt incredible amounts of energy flowing through my body and working on me from the inside. There was an expansive awareness connecting me to everything around me. What was false had fallen away, all that was left was beautiful." - D. J.

"Michael is a spiritual teacher as well as a healer who opens those who are seeking more in their lives to the truth that lives in all of us. Michael is a divine mirror and guide." - A. J.

"A single session with Michael Baker is a profound gift! His ability to hold space for deep transformation is nurturing and powerful. It was ground breaking. Michael invokes what is ready to emerge and the healing continues many weeks after a session." - Terra Gold, Yogini, Kirtan Wallah, Chinese Medicine Doctor, Los Angeles, CA.

"I found him to be honest, humble, and transparent... He opened my heart to new levels of being and showed me the connectedness of all living things. The tools he provides confirm that spirit supports us in all things and that resting in that knowledge creates the life of our dreams." - P. F.

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Your generous donations support the growth and continued availability of holistic natural healing practices that are changing the way we look at dis-ease every single day. ~blessings~