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7 days and 7 nights of multi-sensory exploration, community, sound healing, workshops, yoga, movement, dance, nature immersions, spa services, Thai massage and fresh, delicious gourmet cuisine.

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Rejuvenate, harmonize and awaken...

Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, we will come together to find the infinite sanctuary within. Through carefully choreographed multi-sensory experiences and ancient teachings, we will journey into new realms where our collective intention can bring us in direct contact with Universal Consciousness.

There, in the place of all knowing, we will explore the vault of wisdom traditions once reserved exclusively for royalty, clergy, monks and sages. The growing interest in this ancient knowledge, combined with ready-access to teachings and techniques passed down through the ages, is precisely what is needed to ignite humanity’s untapped potential, stabilize our world, and provide all beings on earth a habitat where they can endure, thrive, and assist in the healing and rebuilding of our planetary ecosystem.

This retreat is for those who:

Knows the value of spiritual practice and wants to further accelerate and expand your consciousness with proven spiritual practices.

Understand the profound impact of spiritual practices on consciousness expansion, delving into techniques that go beyond the surface level to unlock deeper realms of awareness.

Feels a sense that life can be and gets to be extraordinary:

Explore the belief that life holds extraordinary potential and purpose, encouraging individuals to embrace this mindset and navigate their journey with a sense of wonder and fulfillment.

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Hungry for proven, powerful practices, motivation, and inspiration:

Transformative practices backed by evidence, coupled with the motivation and inspiration needed to sustain personal growth and navigate life's challenges.

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Wants to learn how to have deeply satisfying relationships:

Delve into the dynamics of cultivating meaningful and satisfying relationships, exploring practices and insights that foster connection, understanding, and fulfillment in personal connections.

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Wants to find a direct and accelerated path to self-realization:

Embark on a journey towards self-realization with a focus on direct and accelerated paths, integrating ancient wisdom to navigate inner realms and discover the true self.

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Intrigued to know more about ancient spiritual traditions and supporting data using modern science:

Explore the intersection of ancient spiritual traditions and modern scientific understanding, providing a comprehensive view that bridges traditional wisdom with contemporary insights.

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Ready to tap into your inner wisdom and take your life to a new level of equanimity and joy:

Embrace the readiness to tap into inner wisdom, allowing the universe to guide the way, fostering a deeper connection with intuition and spiritual guidance.

Commit to elevating life by achieving a new level of equanimity and joy, exploring practices that promote emotional balance and a profound sense of well-being.

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Want to feel more relaxed and peaceful in their daily lives:

Seek techniques and approaches that cultivate relaxation and peace in daily living, fostering a sense of calm amidst life's demands.

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Seeking your souls’ purpose or wanting the confidence and clarity to step into the one you are being called to:

Navigate the journey of soul discovery, seeking purpose and gaining the confidence and clarity to step into one's true calling with authenticity and conviction.

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Would like to feel more self-love and emotional mastery as you move through the world:

Explore practices that nurture self-love and emotional mastery, empowering individuals to navigate life's experiences with resilience, compassion, and a deep sense of self-worth.

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Want to let go of the past, surrender to the light of pure being, and truly live from your warrior heart:

Embrace the transformative journey of letting go of the past, surrendering to the essence of pure being, and living authentically from the warrior heart—a place of strength, courage, and authenticity.

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“I am forever transformed, filled with gratitude and humility for the depth of knowledge passed down. The teachings Michael has shared have had a profound impact on my personal life and the lives of my clients.“

– Justin Taylor

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