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After waiting a lifetime for a vehicle of expression…

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Since I began following and orchestrating the structure of planetary frequencies as they directly relate with the human body, we have found that sound waves which mirror the pure vibration of blocked or burdened centers within the meridian system,create the same sloughing effect that earths fauna have mastered to accelerate healing. 
So, what makes one facilitator more highly sought after than another?
Are there not enough individuals seeking internal knowledge and practices that accelerate and elongate periods of joy and wellbeing?
Is the popularity of sound healing a passing phase or might there be more to explore with the agreement that we are vibrational, energy based beings?
Within the animal kingdom, certain levels of injury can be literally “shaken” off and increased findings around conscious movement and spiral dynamics continue to prove to support the release of wounding and trauma through frequency and oscillation.
At the close of countless gatherings, there remains requests for “the play list” or copies of the files created of the soundscapes utilized as a base foundation for our pranayama work.
Many believe that they too can download and replay what has been created to utilize in self-work or to share with others during their classes. There is an element of truth to this and there is also misconception.
First and most important to understand is that nothing created or borrowed from another artist can be sold or traded without their permission. It lacks great integrity and character to sell someone else’s art as our own and its illegal.
After many years of requests for the “Sound Experience”, we made our second compilation appropriately titled “Just Ask” which was a tongue in cheek reference to how long it took us to give people what they were asking for which was for the most part improvised.
I had not yet developed the confidence to get serious about recording. I always just sang whatever came through without knowing what, where or why it did. I didn’t think much of it until I really started to get out of my own way and began focusing on service to others. It was created for my soul, my son, all of my relations that haven’t had the opportunity or chance to and for those who suffer or are silenced in anyway.  To me, it became the frequency of love and reassurance, a gateway to limitless possibilities and emotional intelligence.
The time has come again to share, as we are always patiently waiting to respond to that which is being requested. Due to the amount of interest that has been generated, we are offering a one time online workshop which features the process and frequency scale followed to Orchestrate Soundscape in “The Breath Centers” Breath work offerings.
In this course you will learn…
  • The Laws of Frequencies
  • How Vibration Effects Healing in the Body, Mind, & Spirit
  • Inario & Icaro’s
  • GarageBand Introduction
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Insight and music available by Michael Brian Baker of The Breath Center
  • Utilizing Sound for Healing Practices, Self Discovery, & Personal Realization
  • How to create your Unique Healing Soundtrack
Get the playlist, learn the medicine songs, music editing introduction, vocal empowerment, and dive deeper into the laws & implementation of sound frequencies.
An experimental exploration into the weaving of personal soundscape – a Sound Healer’s Training.

Sunday March 4th 2018

12pm-5pm PST

No Experience Required

Online Class streamed Live from California

Sign Up Here: thebreathcenter.com/gatherings/soundtraining


Early Bird! Sign Up Before Feb 25th and receive 150$ off of Admission


150$ off for those who have completed a Training Introduction (Heart Based Awakenings, Pranic Initiation or Integration) or Level 1 Training with Michael Brian Baker. 

Payment Plans available. Please send questions to jacquesaudri@gmail.com

Much will be revealed. See you then.
Love, Michael
“Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder.” -Dr. Mitchell Gaynor
“Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.” – Hazard Inayat Khan
“Rhythm is a means of organizing sound into specific energy formulas to harmonize the mind and body. Chanting, rhythmic breathing and drumming form an ancient technology for directly synchronizing the mind/body complex, creating conditions for psychological and physical healing.” – Layne Redmond
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla
“Although all illnesses were imprinted during the gestation cycle, they can be healed through directly raising the frequency of your DNA.”
– Richard Rudd
“Sound therapy is one of the prototypical vibrational healing modalities. Sound produces measurable vibratory feelings throughout the body, depending upon the frequency and amplitude of the sound used. There have been a wide variety of sound healing developments over the last ten to twenty years. Certain sounds most likely have a healing influence upon the body because they influence the geometric patterns and organization of cells and living systems.”
– Dr. Richard Gerber, author of “Vibrational Medicine”

Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt

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Hello practitioners, coaches and family,


I’ve been asked to write a bit about “highest and best practices” which support the professional facilitation of breath work.


Time and time again, in listening to those who have had “challenging” experiences receiving the gifts of breath work, we have been shown large gaps creating a distortion of professional standards in the practice of pranayama facilitation.


Bless the hearts of those who wish to share the experience of breath work with others. Please note, much damage has been done to the reputation of the work by those unskilled who choose to teach others while refusing training. We believe everyone deserves exposure to transformational practices. We are also calling for a more professional approach to a seemingly simple, sometimes “non-interactive” healing art.


We believe strongly that this gap in knowledge has been created due to the lack of yogic history, theory and training that accompanies trainings available to those interested in the power of the practice.


This “gap” provides many opportunities to increase the integrity surrounding current models and to share with some focus and intensity in The Breath Centers Trainings not only the expansive yogic history and Ayurvedic medical applications of breath work but also the moral and ethical standards that accompany a solid, safe practice.


Here is a peek into subjects that are covered in levels l – lll. Please take into account first, that most who are attracted to Breath Work, are experiencing challenges in their lives related to health, loss, lack and or life transitions. This means that assuming “neutral posturing” and addressing only the “power of the breath” and the fact that the actual healing that might accompany the practice lies between your partner and their higher selves, dreams and highest potential is of the utmost importance.


To take on more is dangerous and suggests you are in part, responsible for the participants outcome which compromises karmic lessons and life experiences that may serve better to integrate over time in the building of their “wisdom escrow”. No one who assists others in self-realization needs to be left “holding the bag” for someone else’s process.


All sessions should be met with deep, gentle, compassion and open with slow Socratic communication followed by acceptance and understanding of ones condition and current goals.


If trauma is to be cleared the facilitator must be prepared to hold space for as long as is necessary while simultaneously considering the container set to support their own needs and availability of time.


Touch must be a permission-based action that does not jeopardize the participants balance as re traumatization is quite common during emotional release. We also combine the “Yoga Alliance Standards” with the general guidelines of HIPAA and suggest strongly exercising the practice of doctor client confidentiality without ever diagnosing or acting as a medical professional.

It is imperative that no one relies on their experience in yoga therapy as an alterative to medical advice from their doctor. Our coaches are taught to vet their potential partners for a clear medical history and current use of medications prior to their sessions.


One of my closest friends recently transitioned after refusing Western Medical treatment. He had made the decision to exclusively utilize Yoga, Cleansing and Ayurveda in his treatment plan. It is difficult for me to reflect on how I supported him in this decision even though it did not “feel right”. Life is far too precious, now he is gone.


The Breath Center has defined with some success a solid portion of “highest and best practices” to share as a section of the current training programs offered. We have seen a level of great success for those who choose to apply these guidelines when practicing with others.


These are but a few points covered during level l and ll trainings. We commit to excel in upgrading and bringing to the forefront current issues not being addressed in the professional practice of breath work and pride ourselves on offering “solution based”, gentle practices that elevate the modality to an ever increasingly respected position within the wellness community.


Looking forward to our collective this month,








The Things my Teacher Never Taught Me

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“Liberation can be accomplished by that pranayama which is attained by disjoining the course of inspiration and expiration.”

– Patanjali


The question we often hear is, “If I am infinite & an expression of the Divine, if I am what I affirm of myself in my daily practice – then why do I sometimes feel so small, incapable, and fallible?”
Getting a taste of our limitlessness divinity creates multifaceted results. On one hand – we know we are more than just human. And on the other hand, we are still human. 
The enlightenment process is a one of discovery, surprise, and even discomfort. Unwinding the layers of resistance, releasing stories we’ve wrapped around ourselves to comfort us from the winds of vulnerability – can sometimes come as a shock to us!
Breathwork Training with Michael Brian Baker has been called an enlightenment experience, and it is the full ride – moments of deep resonance and personal healing, bliss, awareness of self, and relief knowing that the secrets hidden from ourselves can be seen and profoundly loved on. It is deep, and even challenging as we face aspects of ourselves we have hidden away for fear of failure, success, or rejection.
This is why we laugh A LOT in our Teacher Trainings. In joy, we chuckle at our patterns, at the sweet, childlike nature we are striving in to “get it all right”, at the perfect, chaotic, mind-blowing, heartbreaking, beautiful insanity of it all.
We learn to see ourselves as love sees us. 
We have created a container where you explore the hidden aspects of YOU, of the mystery schools, of mysticism, neuroscience, sacred earth practices, and the evolution of humanity.
We share the tools that are sometimes infamously sidestepped or even missed in the excitement of awakening.
What happens when someone goes into a cathartic release on your table? What is happening when YOU are going through a cathartic release? How do emotional, mental, spiritual, physical imbalances play out when exposed to breathwork? What stops you from sharing your gifts when the world is requesting you at its table?
What does it mean to practice breathwork & other healing modalities where the facilitator and the recipient feel safe to heal and hold space?
We want you to have a solid foundation in knowing yourself & your empathic depth, and how this can be either a powerful area of mastery or a leak in your container as a facilitator. We unveil the tools needed to have your feet, heart, and body firmly planted on earth, so that you can stretch high into the etheric worlds, and have your internal safe container to come back to when you have completed your work. We want you to have the scientific information behind this work, the lineage which formed the experience we have today with the practice, the teachers who have passed it down, and why they have passed it down at this time.
Breathwork has the capability, when practiced with integrity, grounded education, morals, & safety, to transform heal and bring lasting and sustainable peace for the recipient.
If you have stayed with us on this ride, you know from your own experience, that this is true. Or, if you haven’t yet had the experience, you may feel the stirring in your heart, the birthing of knowing within you that there there is something more to discover in this journey towards healing. We share the hunger to see awakening happen on planet earth, both for the future of the generations to come, and for the sake of all sentient life.
Deep within our genetics is a code that yearns for liberation, be it from the grind that life presents, from the disagreements in relationships, “current state of affairs”, technology overload, dramatic changes in Mother Earth’s environment, keeping the body alive and vital in often toxic living spaces, and even from ourselves.
Who are you? What are you curious about? What are you birthing in this moment? What area of your life is experiencing the trembling or shaking vibrations of change?
Reach out to us. Share with us. Come be with us at a Teacher Training, at a Community Breathwork, or Private Session.
And know that whether you are emulating Durga with many arms managing your world with vigor, or are “stuck” a little or a lot – you are loved and  appreciated.

“Offering inhaling breath into the outgoing breath, and offering the outgoing breath into the inhaling breath, the yogi neutralizes both these breaths; he thus releases the life force from the heart and brings it under his control.” 26-2 The interpretation is: “The yogi arrests decay in the body by an addition of life force, and arrests the mutations of growth in the body by apan (eliminating current). Thus neutralizing decay and growth, by quieting the heart, the yogi learns life control.” – Krishna quoted in the Bhagavad Gita, interpretation by Pramahansa Yogananda