Michael Brian Baker - Principal/ Founder

For over a decade, Michael has held solid ground at the intersection of modern science and universal wisdom traditions, such as Yogic Pranayama, Western Physiology, South American Entheogenics, harmonic frequencies, and sound healing. He travels the world sharing multisensory experiences that are truly transformational for mind and body and spirit. Thousands have called this life-changing work the most profound experience of their lives, likening it to a rebirth, spiritual awakening, peak experience, realization of their true self, or “seeing God.”

Participants experience deep healing, expanded awareness, increased vitality, and a new sense of clarity and purpose. Reports of lasting change and, in many cases, the elimination of stubborn challenges such as addiction, anxiety, depression, anger, PTSD, and insomnia are common. As the founder and principle of The Academy of Integrated of Human Sciences and head of The Breath Center, Michael has taught the The Anatomy of Awakening practitioner training course for the past eight years and personally trained over 600 hundred advanced facilitators. He is beloved by retreat participants, conference attendees, and festival goers around the world. Michael offers holistic and transformative retreats, large events (when possible), a range of free and paid courses, as well as non-profit work with colleges, research institutions, prisons, and schools.


Jayna Nordmark - Creative Project Manager

A vibrant individual driven by a fervor for embracing life's richness. Jayna's diverse background spans across health, fitness, construction, hospitality, customer service, coaching, design, strategy planning, graphic design, marketing, and organization, providing a multifaceted lens through which she approaches every endeavor.

An innate adventurer, Jayna immerses herself in the great outdoors, whether navigating scenic trails, paddleboarding on tranquil rivers, or conquering snowy slopes in pursuit of fresh powder. Her appetite for new experiences and unwavering enthusiasm for adventure define her outlook on life.

Beyond her adventurous spirit, Jayna is a creative soul with a passion for music, crocheting, and sewing, seamlessly integrating artistry into her daily existence. She embraces the philosophy of slowing down and being in harmony with "being," & "doing" finding joy in the simple pleasures of life while honoring herself.

However, Jayna is not solely a seeker of adventure and creativity; she is also a dedicated and skilled professional. As a multidisciplinary designer, brand architect, and social entrepreneur, she channels her creativity, strategic insight, and innovation towards contributing to social and environmental good. Her diverse skill set enables her to make a significant impact across various industries.

With a heart fueled by wanderlust and a spirit of curiosity, Jayna approaches each day as a thrilling chapter in life's grand adventure, always ready to embrace the next exciting journey..