Breath Work Therapeutics for Physical Healing and Emotional Transformation

Special Honor to  “Bhakti Fest Productions” to whom without, these sessions would not be made possible

2017 Tour Dates


Bhakti Fest 2017 ~

Sept 7-11, 2017 – Joshua Tree, Calif.

Bring your yoga mats this September to the idyllic Joshua Tree Retreat Center, located in the beautiful region east of Los Angeles. Practice with the best yoga teachers in the world, dance to sacred music by world-renown Kirtan artists, and take workshops with leaders in the field of personal growth.

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Bold New Frontiers in Heart Based Awakenings

The Breath Center: Liberation Training –
September 12th 2017 – Joshua Tree, California

  • Establish your own “Breath Center” home practice
  • Love F.E.A.R into its proper reconditioned state
  • Develop resolve in relationships past present and future
  • Choose karmic clearing and liberation from “the wheel”
  • Gain clarity around your life’s purpose
  • Develop a team supporting the journey towards your highest potential

This is not only a continued deepening experience with Michael but also a glimpse into The Breath Center Series 1 Facilitator Certification.

No experience necessary.
All levels and belief systems welcomed and celebrated.

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The Breath Center: Facilitator Training

June 10-11 in Ojai, California

Ojai, California

The Breath Center Teacher Training Series #1 is open to those who wish to begin to immerse themselves in the art of pranayama facilitation and successful “Arts Practitioners” who wish to add this modality to their repertoire.

Subjects covered include, grounding and shielding, self care, vedic history of pranayama practices, developing a personal practice, working with others, body languaging, socratic communication, branding, promotion and social media exposure.

Attendees will leave with a solid foundation for creating a professional practice based on service, humility and responsible daily activity.


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Ojai, California

The Breath Center Facilitators Training 2

This 1 day course will be recorded and available live on line to all series one graduates and those with intermediate knowledge of the arts. Subjects covered will range from Beginning to advanced intuitive practices. Tracking Disease Through Lineage, Jyotish Transits, Elements of Human Design, Planetary Influence, Working with Sacred Sound and an Introduction into Shamanism. Those who complete this course will be approved for Series #3.


Ojai, California

The Breath Center Facilitators Training 1 & 2 Discounted

This progressive learning program is only available to those who have successfully completed the previous levels of training.  Only those who have successfully completed both courses ( 1 and 2) will be invited to go deeper with future training in parts 3 and 4.  If you are serious about integrating this modality this is the way to do it.

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What Are You Waiting For?

Testimonials from our Spring Cleanse:

I had a transformational experience with the Spring Cleanse Team. The main reason I was able to complete my cleanse was that I was on a team. I had a partner that I talked with every day and I had Michael and the rest of the team on the conference calls. I had no idea how deep I would go. As the days stacked up I realized I could not only live life but thrive. Amazing! Anyone who has a desire to maximize their health, connect with spirit and learn more about themselves than they could ever imagine, this cleanse is for you. I couldn’t be happier that I committed to this journey and more proud that I completed it. –

William Brown

After doing Michael’s custom cleanse I feel stronger, healthier, more energetic and clearer. The tough part was, for about 3 days, I had a sore throat, felt dizzy, lethargic and just like crap. This is when the salt baths, naps, deep breathing and group phone calls really helped. Once I came out of that detox tunnel, all was great. It was pretty amazing. The clouds in my head cleared, people commented that my skin was glowing and I had more energy than I’ve ever had before. I only slept 5 hours per night and didn’t ever feel groggy the next day. Now about 2 weeks after the cleanse I’ve adopted Michael’s suggested “vegan” eating habits and avoid processed foods. I feel great, still have loads of energy and seem to have more time in the day. I’m very thankful for the cleanse.

Michael Bertrando